Agniman Transportation is here to serve you!

Our taxicabs are a safe way to travel. All of our taxicabs are licensed by Frederick City’s Department of Police. Our vehicles meet all the requirements. Our taxicabs are clean, late model cars that are insured, pass one mechanical inspection per year, and are in good cosmetic condition.

Our drivers are licensed by Frederick City’s Department of Police. To qualify for a license, drivers must have good driving records, complete both Maryland and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal background clearances, then they must pass a drug test and random drug tests once they are licensed. Drivers are also vetted by the Department of Army once a year. Passengers are safe to ride in our taxicabs.

To provide the absolute best in transportation services by a commitment to excellence in safety, respect, on-time performance, cleanliness, reliability, accuracy, fairness, and to serve our passengers to the fullest.

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