TaxiYellow Cab of Frederick provides a fast, clean, dependable, curb to curb transportation service, operated by professional, trained drivers. We care about your safety and comfort. Taxicabs are regulated by Frederick City’s Department of Police and Vehicle Coordinator and operate under established standards. Our taxicabs provide service all day, every day, and catching a ride with Yellow Cab of Frederick is easy. You can hail a cab, use the Yellow Cab of Frederick app, or give us a call and request to be picked up. Reservations may be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our professional operators and dispatchers.

Type of Vehicles:

  • TaxicabsIMG_8066
  • Taxivans
  • Prearranged sedans
  • Vans with twelve to fifteen passengers
  • Black luxury sedans – Licensed by State of Maryland Inspection State. Driver for hired permit from the State.
  • SUV

The Taxi Access Program:

The Taxi Access Program (TAP) is available to current users of the County TransIT-plus program as a way to supplement their transportation options. Seniors and people with disabilities must be registered with TransIT-plus and have been users of the service for at least six months to be eligible for the TAP. Eligible users will be able to receive an allotment of Taxi funds per month.

For more information visit the official website and check out the TAP brochure.

We’re happy to be part of the program with Frederick County!

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